NYC Phoneharmonic | cdza

There are certain melodies in the world around us that bear no specific meaning, yet we all know what they mean and where do they belong to. I’m talking about those commercialised jingles that we hear very so often. It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do, you’re certainly going to hear those songs often. And they’ve trained us pretty well, since we know just but a few notes what it’s about. We don’t need to see the product nor feel it, as long as we hear that melody for a brief moment, we recognize it. Now all those distinct melodies don’t make much of an orchestra on their own. Some aren’t even that very different from the other. And apparently you always find people who want to turn any simple tune into something bigger and more appropriate.
This is exactly what the team of cdza decided to do and I must say it works out pretty well for what it is.

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