OHEA automatico – Self making smart bed

“How lazy can a human get?” was the question that popped into my mind when I first saw this. Then I immediately remembered of the answer to that question, which is: “So very lazy.” Although, to be honest we’ve brought that upon ourselves I think. And again, it’s not fair to put all kids of lazy in the same bin. There’s lazy, lazy, where you know you have something to do, something that’s not hard to do but you just keep on procrastinating since it can might as well wait. Then there’s that kind of lazy where you don’t even have the energy, or rather will, since it’s nothing exhausting, to walk to the other side of the living room to pick up TV’s remote or maybe get yourself a glass of water because you’re thirsty.
Under that category falls the making of the bed when we wake up, I admit I don’t do it either, because only I sleep in it and I don’t mind if it’s a mess when I go to sleep. But if you have someone who does mind and you don’t feel like making it, maybe this kind of bed is for you.

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