Old Spice | Jungle Wilderness

For years now, Old Spice has been showering us with loads and loads of all kinds of wacky commercials promoting their products. For the most part, at least from my experience, most of such types of products use some boring commercials where they show a man or a woman applying said product to their bodies. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a shower gel, aftershave or deodorant, you always see them applying it to themselves while some soothing music is playing in the background. There might be a scenario in which this is happening or it’s just a random shower. Whatever the case might be, it’s pretty bland. Old Spice commercials are quite the opposite of that as they are pretty random and don’t really do anything what a product should do. Yet they’re pretty powerful and get a pretty good hit with the target audience as they are very likeable and appealing!

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