Once a beautiful tourist destination, today a “toxic soup”

Remember the commercials made decades ago where a firm manly voice invites you with his appealing words to a lovely destination somewhere in the nature. With your family and a dog? “Welcome to the Salton City,” greeted the big billboard, welcoming all those families to have a nice and relaxing vacation. So much was going on, so many people, life and everything positive. And so just as the commercials changed since then, so did the Salton City.
See for yourself:

It’s far from being the ideal tourist destination today, but I can still see the charm being present there. Everything is abandoned, left alone to the winds and the sand. It’s kind of like Chernobyl if you think about it. It has a story that lead to the sad ending as it is today. Even so it still must be interesting not so much seeing it, but more like feeling it with your presence, to be able to grasp the idea of what was going on before it all went down.
It’s a shame it lead to this, but perhaps it wouldn’t be as appealing today as it was back then if it were still occupied. We’ll never know.


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