One arm handstand by Giuliano Stroe

Strength is pretty important, wouldn’t you agree? A lot of men are obsessed by getting in shape and to be stronger, leaner and more efficient at what they do. That has a lot to do with the social norm of today where you’re blasted with all kinds of commercials and movies and such brainwashing propaganda that shows everyone what looking good really looks like. So you see those buff men on the covers with chiseled muscles and think to yourself that it’s either time to get rid of the bedroom mirror or go to the gym and do things the hard way. You decide that mirror better stays since it was the wife’s gift to both of you and can’t really toss it. And you’re glad you didn’t since that time in the gym is starting to show effect and you think to yourself, why you haven’t done this sooner.
Well, the kid in the following video won’t have to think that to himself since his dad made sure that they share their hobby together and this is the result of the said hobby. One strong kid.


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