One man wakeboarding like a boss

Summer is closing in and there’re a lot of outdoor activities one can uptake during that time of the year. You can’t really have summer sports without mentioning the sports involving water. Or sandy beaches, but those come with the water most of the time so we can put them in the same bag. But anyway, one of the water sports is also wakeboarding. Basically it’s similar to water skiing where you have to hold on to a rope which is being pulled by the powerboat and instead of a pair of skis you have a wakeboard. It’s sort of water version of snowboarding, hence wakeboarding.
While wakeboarding usually requires at least two people to make it going, one for driving the boat and other to be pulled by it, this guy in the following video decided to show all those who doubt it, that it can be done by just one person. Sure, it’s not really spectacular but you got to hand it to him for making it happen.


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