One Minute Vacation

Ever been to a trip for a longer period of time in some unknown place where everything was completely new, exciting and you just had to document all of it? All fine and well, no? Of course, you need all the proof you can get and better to have more footage to fill the memories than too little. Once you get home, you remember that you’ve made about a hundred of different videos and you would like to share all of them with the world. Sadly though, that’s not an option as there’s just too many of them. What you can do is to make a mash up of all the videos you’ve created into one by taking one second of footage out of each and every one. That does require a lot of work and patience for sure, but judging by the result posted below, you can see it’s quite worth it. As long as the proper scenes are selected, it still gives you the proper feel of the place you’ve visited.

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