Opening Beer with Chainsaw

We’ve all been witnesses to some sort of bottle tricks and drinking maneuvers performed by certain people around. Those usually vary on the location, amount of people and tools at hand. It also depends on the state of mind a person performing them is in. Whether they’re doing it for the sake of showing a trick because they know how, or maybe they’re just drunk enough to know how a trick goes and fail miserably at it. One time I remember when I was at some picnic thing, pretty big actually. There was a guy who claimed he could open bottles with his teeth. Nothing new there, I’ve seen that happen, and it has always made me cringe while watching. This guy however said he can open 10 of them in pairs. Long story short, the said guy was due to his new dentals the next week.
Okay, I honestly don’t know where I’m going with this anymore, so here’s an old man with a mission to open his beer bottle with a chainsaw.


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  1. That’s a great looking sweater!

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