Origami in animated form with a powerful message – Papiroflexia

Paper folding art or origami precedes the forms of modern animation by quite a lot of years no doubt. Even though the following video example combines both, that itself is not the point of the video. It has a much more powerful message that’s being more and more evident in modern days of today and has a powerful notion to perhaps change all that. The symbolism of the origami art though which the animation is presented makes it much more effective as all the bad influences shown are made of “animated paper” and can be transformed to other, more friendlier entities in order to make it a better world to live in.

The ending itself is also satisfying since it presents the viewers with sort of a relief on the author’s side when he becomes one with himself and his surroundings. All and all a great idea that is presented even better and won’t get outdated any time soon, if ever.

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