Ostrich Running Down The Street In Saudi Arabia

This is crazy! An Ostrich is running down the street in Saudi Arabia in this video. It’s kind of funny, but I feel bad for the poor Ostrich. It must be scared and maybe is just wants its mommy or something… Anyway, these Saudi Arabians are chasing the Ostrich in their cars as it runs down the street. I think they’re trying to get it off the road, but unsuccessfully. At one point it gets knocked down but then just gets back up and starts running again. Several cars are chasing the Ostrich down just so they can get videos and pictures with their cell phones. You can see them all trying to get close to the Ostrich with their phones out and trying to drive at the same time. If an Ostrich was running down the street in your part of town, what would you do? Would you get your phone out and hope that you got the coolest video out there so it would go viral? I bet you would. Watch this cool video about an Ostrich running down the street in Saudi Arabia.

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  1. I feel really bad for the poor ostrich. Why do people think it is funny to laugh at an animal’s distress? It is in an unfamiliar area and has all the yahoos chasing it and honking their horns at it and it is probably scared out of it’s mind. Did anyone think to call the animal control people with the many cell phones that were being used to capture the “funny bird” on video?? more than likely not. I hope the poor thing made it to a safe place away from the heartless humans chasing it. :(

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