Painting your room with the power of metal!

Days are getting longer and warmer. That nasty and annoying winter said its good byes for the season and now it’s time for warmth! We also know that in order to paint the walls inside the house, it’s nice to have a few days of dry weather so that the paint can dry up well inside without taking too long. Painting walls on it’s own is not really a bothersome thing for me to do. I like making a mess over the walls and then making it all pretty when applying that last coat. The only thing I’m not too fond of it placing news papers all over the floors, closet, TV, doors and pretty much everything that should remain fresh color free. Other than that, it’s pretty nice to do.

Three brave men in the following video also decided to have fun by painting their room a little. They don’t need brushes though, they just put on some metal and slam away! Quite a nice method, surprisingly effective for what it is.

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