PAL-V flying car – a helicopter on wheels

Lets just cut to the case here and tell you that this is a helicopter integrated in the ground vehicle. May I add it’s fully legal (or so they say) whether it’s in its flying for or its driving form. It sounds quite a fairy tale at first, doesn’t it. Well, see for yourself in this fine demonstration of how it works.

After seeing this video, I think it’s rather genuine and legit, and only thing that bothers me is the date it’s posted on. But that could just be coincidental since they have quite a nice looking website and some other footage of the same vehicle. I mean come on, just imagine now nice would it be when you would be stuck in traffic and all you had to do was get off the road as soon as possible, spread those blades and that little gyro thing at the back and just fly off. Then again, why wouldn’t you just fly in the first place?
Come to think of it, why not just ditch the car part and have a small helicopter instead?


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