Parahawking in Nepal

You say you never heard of parahawking before? Really? Yeah, me neither, not untill 30 minutes ago at least.  Think of it as bird feeding, only that you don’t actually wait for the birds to land and come to you like good little featheries they are, but you rather go up in the sky go to feed them there. In the middle of the sky, while paragliding. So you can basically think of it as some sort of an extreme bird feeding event. Judging by the name, you go up and feed the hawks and bird of that variety.

It doesn’t really look all that bad if you ask me. It should especially appeal to those who are either getting bored of feeding the ducks by the pond and want something more. Or those who’re bored of flying in the middle of the sky with a parachute, but that’s unlikely. It is a nice take on it and I can see the appeal.


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