Parkour taken to the limit – Storm Freerun

I’ll be blunt. I really admire these types of videos because I can only try to imagine how much work and effort goes into performing all these stunts that they perform. Not to mention how many times they can fail and when they do fail, I don’t want to count all the bones that probably get broken. Surely bruises and scrapes are as common as the early morning sun to them and are most likely immune to them by that point. The performance of the moves is pretty damn tricky I bet, it probably has a trick to it but still. Anything but a top physical shape can be rather dangerous if not deadly, because jumping over a gap and not making the jump is not something your mom’s be proud of when they’d be piecing you back together on the ground. Up most respect goes to everyone who’s daring enough to go through with this and who’re prepared to train hard to achieve it.
See for yourself, and I’m sure you’ll be at least a bit inspired by this:


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