Party Rock Anthem LMFAO – Walk off the Earth + All About Maggie

Walk Off The Earth and All About Maggie cover Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO and they do a great job. Maggie has a great alto voice that sounds so awesome on this song! I love the effects in this video when they say, “Shake that!” They start head banging and it looks like there’s a software effect that makes them move all crazy. The entire piece; the music, the video, the members, the lead singer, makes you want to watch it again and again. They perform the video in sort of a live setting, like they’re on stage. They have some cool lighting and a fancy red curtain in the background. They have drums, bass, guitar, piano and vocals…oh yeah, they also use an electric organ. The sound is great! Please be sure to watch this awesome cover of “Party Rock Anthem,” originally done by LMFAO, by Walk Off The Earth and All About Maggie.

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