Phantom Flex Highlights – More slow motion captures

Remember that post from a little back where two guys used their slow motion capturing camera on a piece of flint and steel being used together to make sparks? That was pretty nice to see, was it not. Well, this here is even better. A lot better in fact if you ask me. It’s sort of a montage of so many different things being blown up, shot at, cut though and even more you can imagine. If I were given a task to make these things as diverse as possible without any limitations by being scared of something catching fire or making a mess, I know I would have plenty of fun doing those things. Even then, I probably wouldn’t think of them all.
The video below is like a brain storming session coming to life where those who were involved were instructed to think of any good ideas and things that would look good in slow motion. And we all know that even the boring things look good in slow motion, but these are far from boring.


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