Phantom of the Floppera – floppy disc remix

Ahh, good old days where we had tons and tons of floppy discs laying around. Big and small, no matter the size, there were a lot of them. Want to install something bigger and complex? No problem, just be ready to swap 20 discs and you’re good to go. The fun began when you were about 18 discs in when suddenly the 19th one said “nope.” You were a bit surprised and kept on hitting that retry button, losing hope with each hit that it’s going to get anywhere. *sigh* It’s not much to be done at this point but reacquire the disc and proceed with the installation.
Today though, none of those things are in massive use anymore, we have a lot of the, more reliable mediums to transport data. So what is one suppose to do with a stack of floppy discs and an old PC? Play music of course!


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