Pixar studio stories – The movie vanishes

You that feeling when you’re doing some work on your computer and due for it to be done is very near. You’re rushing to get it done and not paying attention to just about anything. Let’s say you’re writing a word document and you’re in such a rush that when prompted, you click on not saving it rather than saving the document. Your brains goes into some temporary buffer mode where you think to yourself why did you just do that, yet it seemed right when you did it. After that the panic strikes down hard. Anger too. You have all the right to be upset with yourself! But then you try to do damage control. You stop, think. Then you remember you’ve been sending chunks of that text to someone in the mean time. Text is still there and just needs to be put back together! The sense of relive is immense and you swear to yourself you’re not doing this ever again. Until next time at least.
Pixar has a similar story to share. Only this time it’s about their whole Toy story 2 movie getting deleted while the backup was not usable. Nice animation explains how and what happened.



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