Playing Angry Birds with dominos

Personally when someone mentions the word “domino” at me, I only think of those black dominos with white spots on them that are meant to be used in, well a game of dominos. I never actually think of some multi colored dominos, didn’t even know they’re around actually. Judging by this video, those exist. And there are a lot of them. I can’t think of an actual useful reason for them except to play around and build all kinds of different things with them. That’s exactly what this short video shows. In this particular case, they’re having a round of Angry birds with them and I must say the final result looks really polished and very well made as you can’t really see that it’s all just a stop motion video. If you remember the post from about a week ago where I talked about the new Angry birds and said they can be played almost on anything, you can now add dominos to that!
Enjoy the video:

Make sure you check out the other videos on that channel, as they’re quite exciting to see.


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