Playing Tetris on a building

We’re sticking in the past for a little bit more today. I don’t know a person who doesn’t know what Tetris is. It’s one of those games from the past that are so very well present in the present (sorry.) There are older games such as Pong and such and even older ones but I’m safe to say that less people know what Pong is than what Tetris is. And I can’t really blame them too much because of it, since there’re just so many different kinds of Tetris today still. Sure, Pong too, but not as much. Besides, Tetris back then was something spectacular if I may say so, you just didn’t get tired of it. Pong got boring after a while, but stacking blocks and breaking lines was something you craved more of the moment you finished it. The formula stayed the same to this day and not much has change, except game platforms with bigger screens.
Or buildings…

(the one playing is really bad at it, I’m just not sure whether it’s on purpose or not)


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