Police pulls over Batman

Imagine yourself driving down the highway, listening to the music being played though your speakers, almost daydreaming in your own world (that is not at all dangerous to do during driving) when suddenly you notice a nice looking Lamborghini passing by. This probably make most of the men turn their heads as it is, be it admiration or envy. You look at the car as it passes by, but something’s bothering you. Wait… Is that Batman who’s driving that Lambo? Even his plates have his emblem on them. It must be him!
This is how I imagine it must’ve been for these two officers who were to pull the same Batman over, because they couldn’t find his tags in the system. I mean c’mon, it’s Batman, you don’t need to look for those when you already know that it’s Lenny under the mask!

Clearly this made the situation a bit odd and I’m really surprised how officers didn’t gave the guy a difficult time. They wanted to see the plates and some documentation, but that’s about it. And of course get their picture taken, but who wouldn’t!


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