POrtal: Terminal Velocity

By now everyone knows or at least should know about the games Portal and Portal 2. For those that don’t, here’s a quick plot recap: Don’t die while escaping and using a portal device that shoots 2 portals you can walk though. There, done. Okay, so idea really is very nice and many are quite disappointed because it’s only a video game and nothing of such is possible in real life just yet. That doesn’t mean people don’t get any freaky ideas about how they would use that thing for their own benefit. Some ideas aren’t really appropriate to share here, so lets just leave this alone. Because of those ideas, many different videos popped up, showing the use of the Portal gun™ in real life scenarios. Some are better, some are a bit broken, but nonetheless portray the idea. Some of them however are really good.
Just like the one below where guys have put a lot of work into it. Almost looks like they have the real deal!


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