Power in the hands of a DJ – SPIN

Rewinding time by spinning back the vinyl track? Sounds simple enough, right? Well unfortunately we live in reality (some more than others, but same basic rules apply for all.) This on the other hand is a video that plays around with that idea and introduces to us a DJ who dropped down from somewhere in the form of those old Mr. Bean episode intros. It doesn’t really matter aside from the fact that he’s appears to be there with a purpose. And that purpose is presented to us soon after when he approaches a certain situation where a course of events happen. It is in his power, or the power of the mixing table (you decide,) to make sure those events pan out the way everyone benefits from them. He does that though trial and error as fixing one thing results in screwing up another and so forth until he finally manages to get it right. Judging by today’s world, he has A LOT to fix.


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