Project Glass – a look into the future by Google

Google once again plays with the idea of artificial reality and demonstrates how it could be implemented in the daily life, thus making it simple, more convenient and fun. It’s a fun and playful little video showing how we could see the world though the eyes of a minimalist heads up displays there are also interactive and respond to our commands. Since it’s just an idea it doesn’t show how any of that would be implemented and executed, but it does show how it could function throughout every day living. Apparently everything will be connected to the web somehow so that you always have access to your online messages and people, sharing your location with them or getting directions yourself. It seems it can also hold a fluent video conference wherever you might be so that you can share your world with someone far away through your eyes. A great looking idea on paper, but how that would work in reality is beyond me. Well, at least it shines some light on Google+.

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