Project – Sea Lion

By this time, we covered a couple of different cars and transportation devices. Mostly combined ones, like that car that can transform into a helicopter, or the other one that could become a plane. Both of those are meant to conquer the land and skies. That’s all fine and well, but perhaps it would be time to show one of those who would be conquering land and water. It does kind of make sense, as I presume it’s easier to make a car that’s waterproof and slap some rotors on it with a rudder and you’re good to go. Rather than making it fly, as wings are a bit more impractical. Granted, having a car that flies is a bit more useful than having a one that goes on water but still, it’s something more for the buck.
Here’s an example of a project called Sea Lion with a sporty looking car being able to go in the water. I hope the final result looks a bit less like this though…

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