Puggle introducing the new way of exercising

With owning any kind of a pet comes responsibility. The biggest the animal, the biggest the responsibility might be, but that doesn’t have to be always. No matter which pet you have, you need to feed it, make sure it’s healthy and doesn’t do anything unexpected to make a mess of any kind. Some are easier to take care of than others I guess, but all need to be taken care of. Dogs are also quite common in the family households and their caretaking isn’t too difficult for the most part. They need to be fed regularly, taken to the vet once in a while, being groomed and of course taken out for walks. A lot of the times people don’t feel like taking their dog for a walk even though they need to so instead they try to think of the ways to avoid it. Some just try to use the treadmill and put their dog on that so that it’ll get walked a bit, even though the purpose of the walk is not really met.  This is what happens when you put a little puggle on a treadmill sideways. Doesn’t seem to mind it too much, but looks adorable.


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