Real Life DLC

A lot of gamers will agree with me on this one when I say that lately downloadable content or DLC is getting a bit out of hand. While the more experienced and older ones, know that 20 years ago you were still only able to buy a cartridge with you favorite game for your favorite console. That was it, no fixes afterwards, no nothing. Then, as the internet became more popular, they started with the DLC for bug fixes and such minor things that you were distributed for free. That’s still all fine and lovely, game gets fixed and you continue to enjoy it. More time has passed, and what do we get now? We pay money to buy a ‘whole’ game and 2 days later there’s already a 10$ DLC available. Sometimes it’s just some skins or models that don’t add nothing to the game, yet they still cost money. Or sometimes they almost force you to buy them in order to progress with anything. This will have to stop.
The stupidity of this is nicely shown in this parody video below!

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