Real real life presented through a video game

Alright, as with all things the story in the following video doesn’t apply to everyone, that’s true, but I’m sure many will be able to find themselves in there in one way or another. So what’s the deal? Clip shows our average character, DAN in this case, doing his average defeat-bad-guys-goto-next-level kind of thing. We’ve all seen this in games, I’m sure. But what we don’t see in games is what happens when our named or unnamed protagonist saves the princess and falls behind the curtains of game credits. This can give you a slight idea what might be going on:

As you can see, beating a level from start to finish suddenly doesn’t seem all that demanding. Even more, the demanding part only start at that moment when you have to please your princess with whatever she wants. And you of course do that because you’re the good guy in this game, and good guys do good things. Unfortunately for our friend DAN here, his good deeds make no difference since he is exploited by the in game economy and coin is running low until he’s left without everything. Poor guy even loses his 1up just to start all over again. But just as we learn from our previous mistakes, so does he and on the second run, he does things his way. Good Dan, you beat the game.

What would you do differently if you’d been given an extra 1UP in your life?

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