Remi’s Mario Kart is back

There are a lot of way to make a fool out of yourself or others. Just ask anyone who tried doing something as such whether willingly or not. Many people try to make a fool out of others by pranking them in a certain way that will make them feel odd, but most of the time they just make a fool out of themselves. I think it takes quite some skill and ideas to performs such an act of successfully fooling and pranking other people in a massive scale.
Rémi Gaillard certainly is one of those people as he have done all kinds of different things which involved him pranking plenty of random people passing by. Perhaps you know one of his more famous one which is doing a Rocky type training in the middle of a convenience store or the famous Mario Kart video where he drives around a go kart? In any case, this is the second video with that theme and you’ll see what I’m on about.

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