‘Ridiculously Photogenic’ Guy Zeddie Little

Getting a picture taken was never one of those things I particularly enjoyed. Be it a passport picture, ID picture or just some random picture that you had to pose for and smile. I don’t really have a problem when I find myself in the pictures about which I wasn’t even aware of as then I’m kind of spontaneous while on the posing ones I always find myself doing weird and mostly unnatural expressions without even realizing it. Some people however have a knack for those things and just naturally look good in pretty much every pictured they’re on. Doesn’t matter what the occasion is and it just works. Zeddie Little is apparently one of those people because ever since his picture was randomly taken on a marathon run, people of the internet have made it into a meme. And a positive one(more or less), believe it or not.
Even more so, he was even on TV because of it so there has to be something that’s working in his favor. My bet is on genetics and positive energy.



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