Santa Monica California College Students Pepper-sprayed

Demonstrators were pepper sprayed earlier today at Santa Monica College in California. These students were upset because the trustees of the college were having a meeting to discuss offering higher priced college courses. Students were so upset that they sat at the door and were yelling and trying to get inside to obviously let the trustees know that they did not agree with high priced courses. Campus police sat at the door trying to keep the demonstrators from going inside, but it looks like there was so much pushing and shoving that they couldn’t control the situation. They had to resort to pepper spraying the students. Once the pepper spray came out, you can see students running away covering their eyes and crying. I’m sure there will be a lawsuit because of this, but it looks like the demonstration could have been handled a little more calmly and respectfully and had better results…but then again, the trustees might see that this is so important to the students that they might just back down on raising tuition fees. We’ll see. Check it out!

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