Say Yes To The Pants

Just like the title says. Say yes to pants! Otherwise you might get arrested for improper exposure and have quite a bit of a bad day. Okay, anyway. We all know pants are pretty important and we usually wear a pair at least. Now I’m not a big fan of shopping for clothes. I actually only shop for clothes and shoes when I really have to, when there’re no spare pants left to wear. I find buying pants to be quite an annoying and inconvenient procedure for most of the time. First of all I walk into a store and look for pants I sort of like. I’m not too picky as I just want to get over with while buying some ok looking pants. When I find the ones I actually like, I ask if there’s a size I need. Usually it isn’t so I’m back to step one and repeat untill I get some pants. It takes almost a whole afternoon just to buy a simple pair of pants.
Following video is just tailored for those who have the same problem and don’t know what else to do!

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