Science fiction audition by Jacob Fleisher

Movie business must be a pretty tough place if you want to succeed in it. There have been quite a few memorable names in the movie industry and we still see a lot of good actors popping up all the time. More and more in those big budget movies at least. And I’m sure we’re not suddenly going to be left out without any good actors either, even though many may disagree. Times change, so do people and with that so do people playing in movies. You also can’t find any good actors without having an audition to test them out and give them a chance to shine in the spot light.
Now what if you didn’t just apply for a role but for the whole genre. Like science fiction genre for example. This guy, Jacob Fleisher, certainly has the right idea, as you do actually have more chances to get accepted if you just apply for all the roles and not just one in particular.

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