Sea Lion Attacks Kayaker

We’re turning back to the fishing waters once more. This time we’re going fishing with a couple of friends placed in kayaks. Now you already know what my stand on fishing is, but I wasn’t aware of such fishing going on either. This type of fishing is called kayak fishing and it looks pretty interesting. Well, mostly due to kayaking I’d say, because it looks interesting and fun as well. But what happens when you’re in the middle of the water and you find yourself a loner sea lion just looking for some company. Preferably a company of  the fish you’ve just caught. So you give it a fish and think it’ll just leave you be. But why would it leave you if you have a whole goldmine of fish for the picking. No need to hunt when you’ve done its work for him, right?
Take a look at how this experience looks like. It does make quite a story to tell.

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