Secret tree house in the woods of Whistler

Where I was growing up, tree houses weren’t really all that popular. Despite all the forest around the house and neighboring villages, I have never seen or heard of anyone having a tree house. I didn’t really know about them until I saw them in some kids show where they were playing and having fun in one. In their back yard from all the places. I thought to myself, if they can have one, why shouldn’t I have one somewhere in the middle of nowhere. It’d be like a secret place for friends to meet in and have fun without anyone around to control us. The noble idea just remained an idea. Parents weren’t opposed but no one was really willing to help with it either and a group of three ten year old wasn’t really capable of putting one together.
This guy however managed to do it on his own pretty much. So he built an egg shaped tree house around a tree in the middle of a forest.


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