Seductive Motion – Samsung commercial

I always say that it’s important to be polite. It doesn’t matter who you’re talking to or walking by, a nice word or gesture will always get you far. Then there are also those instances when you’re walking down the street for example, minding your own business when suddenly you see someone waving at you. You’re not really sure who that person is or if you even know the person. Maybe it’s one of those instances where they know you and you should know them, but you really can’t remember who they are. So as a polite person that you are, you raise your hand and wave back, maybe even say hello. At that moment you turn around and notice that someone else behind you is saying hello to the waving person and you realize you don’t know any of those people. You just smile a little as things get a bit awkward and walk on a bit faster.
In a video below you see what can happen when someone interprets an innocent waving in this Samsung commercial.


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