She takes a photo every day: 5.5 years

Ever wondered how that aging process would work on you over a course of a couple of years? I’d say taking a picture of yourself every single day might be a good idea! And that’s the exact same thing this woman has been doing for over five years now. She’s also been posting these videos from time to time and this time she posted a five and a half years of self portrait photos. Now I haven’t actually gotten into much detail whether every single picture from all those years is shown as they’re presented in merely a good minute and I don’t really plan on counting every single picture that’s in the video. Even if a photo or two are missing, we’re not holding that against her because it already takes a whole lot of dedication to stick to making a photo of yourself every single day. Well, you can probably cheat a week or two if that’s the case, as it’s not noticeable I guess.
Anyway, here’s the final result!


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