Shell Helix commercial with a transparent car

Cars are a nice innovation when it comes to transporatation. All you have to do it is fuel it up and it keeps on going (until it stops.) If you’re like me you have little to no idea how the machine works and you refer to it as a ‘black box’ where magic happens and makes your car go. Regardless of that, I do know that forementioned black box needs plenty of oil to function and it’s a good idea to check the levels from time to time, unless you want that black box to suddenly give up. That gets expensive really soon really fast. Anyway…
This commercial here is a nice demonstration of what oil does to your machine, how it gets the job done and how important it is to have it. It also shows how much work goes into making a 30 second TV ad and how many people have to work on it. And it looks cool.

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