Simon’s Cat in ‘Tongue Tied’

There we go. Another adorable little episode of our modern age Garfield. Alright, I may have made that one up a little, but it’s still getting closer and closer to become some sort of an icon. It seems that many people enjoy those animated videos and for good reason too. They’re short, accessible, adorable and always have something new and different so that it doesn’t compare to the previous one. This time, Simon’s cat (it doesn’t really have a name, does it) isn’t even bothering Simon himself. Unlike most of the time, when it’s being in Simons way by doing something to annoy him. This time everything is happening outside, presumably in the backyard, where cat finds himself a new friend to play with. That new friend however doesn’t really feel like playing all that much and just wants to be left alone.
Check out the following video of Simon’s cat and see what friend am I talking about!


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