Skyaking: Skydiving With A Kayak!

I’ve seen many things people take with them while jumping out of a plane. I’ve seen them jump with huge teddy bears, seen them jump in all kind of suits like Santa suit and whatnot. Skyboarding is also quite popular from what I know as many decide to strap a snowboard to their feet while falling through the air. I guess skis are no exception. Heck, I’ve seen people jumping the plane with a car even and dropping down to the ground in one of those. I have however never seen someone jump down in a kayak, that’s for sure. I’m not sure how must that feel like but I presume it has certain characteristics that differ from a normal jumping out of the plane.  I do wonder why the guy jumping doesn’t have any rows since those are quite important when riding in a kayak I think. Then again, gravity gives enough of a propulsion.


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