So, I heard you like pancakes and stop motion video?

Who doesn’t like pancakes? Even the ones who’re strict defenders of waffles, like pancakes, just not as much as waffles (you know who you are!) The pancakes in question here are those European type pancakes, not those thick American pancakes Europe doesn’t know about (apparently they’re called crepes, but they’ll be referred to as pancakes, because.. serious business!) It doesn’t matter, this is a fine video and a great example of stop motion in use.
See for yourself (a word of warning though, it’s not wise to watch this on an empty stomach): 

It dates into those staring days of YouTube where such videos weren’t as common, especially this well made. Again, this has nothing to do with the video. However, what it has in common with is the sequel to the video, just in case you don’t have the craving for pancakes/crepes yet!

Now excuse me while I go make some!

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