Social Media Revolution (parody)

And back we are. With more social networking related stuff. This time around, we’re looking into some statistics. Those always tend to pop up as soon as something successful is made and the avalanche of comparisons are due. “Which is better? Why is it better? By how much is it better? What can be done it make it even better still?” This any many more questions pop up and I can’t really deny it, that I love these kinds of statistics. Just like those infographics. The only problem is, that we can’t really say how many of those statistics are actually real. Surely most of them are legit but I’m also sure there’re some that are a bit fixed so that certain people get something out of it or it maybe just look better that way, who knows.
The following video however is a nice parody on certain statistics about social media and are not to be taken seriously.

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