Soda Can Shake-Up – How Not to Get Squirted – Steve Spangler Science

Ever wondered how to not get squirted when opening a soda can that has been shaken? As a kid, I always tried to figure out ways to open a shaken can of soda without being blasted, but I could never figure it out. It makes me feel silly, after watching this video, to know that it’s much easier than I made it before. One method would be to open the can very slowly, only allowing a little of the gas out of the can at a time. That method worked the best for me, but it made opening the can a slow process. Another method people would use was to tap the side of the can, or flick it with their finger in an effort to make the gases settle, but that never worked. *If you don’t want the trick to be spoiled before watching the video, do not read on…just watch the video.* In the video they teach that you flick the top of the can a few times and it will make the bubbles of gas float to the top, releasing the pressure…making it so the can doesn’t explode when you open it. It’s a neat trick. Check it out!

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