Soldier is greeted by his dog

This story tells about a soldier who have obviously been away from home for a longer period of time doing his service. Actually, it tells more about this soldier’s dog who get to see his loving owner return home. The way this happens really is rather heart warming. Even if his dog can’t speak, his actions shout out of him and you can really see how excited he is to greet his owner back home.

I mean look at him, Chuck(dog’s name) propels himself towards him and doesn’t seem to be able to stop himself from jumping in excitement. We don’t really know for how long that thing went since the video cuts before that, but I’m sure it took quite some time still for that sparked up dog to calm down. You don’t see cats getting this excited, do you.

Now, if only his wife was about to show him as half as much attention when they got home…


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