Sophia Grace and Rosie Rap on Ellen

Sophia Grace and Rosie do a surprisingly great rap on Ellen…okay, so it was mostly Sophia while Rosie danced, but this was a cute little rap. Ellen surprised them both with tickets to the Grammy’s. Sophia and Rosie get to interview some of the artists at the Grammy’s. Pretty sweet for these to young girls of 8 and 5. Sophia was so excited to get the opportunity and Rosie seemed a little too young to understand how big of an opportunity this is for them. I pretend like I can rap sometimes, but Sophia would rap circles around most people. In her rap, she mentioned Ellen and her dad and others. I sure hope her dad is just cheering her on and not making her work so hard to get to where she is. It’s pretty amazing how talented she is. Anyway, make sure to check out this video of Sophia Grace and Rosie rapping and dancing on the Ellen show. It’s quite a cute little scene :)

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