Steam powered RC trike

There’s something magical when you get your hands on a remote controller for a remote controlled vehicle. Usually those are a variation of a ground operated RC car, truck, excavator if you will. They’re all fun to drive around over the rough terrain, jump ramps, or to tease local animals such as cats or dogs. Not to mention they’re great for driving into people’s feet all the time, or that’s just me. I don’t know about these new models, but the ones I had were fun for about 10 minutes, maybe 15 until the little battery inside got dead tired and needed a 5 hour AC current therapy. That part wasn’t all that fun and exciting since those few hours seemed pretty long in comparison. I’ve had dreams of having a petrol engine RC car, because that’d be loud, go super fast for super long! But alas, that didn’t happen, I got older and got a human controlled actual petrol car, but that’s not as fun as a jumpy RC car, although that’d might be due to expenses and those pesky regulations.
Anyway, here you have a steam powered RC vehicle. Yep, the same steam trains used to run on, many still do. Watching this is quite a joy since it runs so smoothly and is so very well made. Maybe it’d need a different paint job though, but that’s just me.

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  1. It isn’t going to win any races, or pull off any amazing jumps, but I’m happy that it slowly chugs along because it gives you plenty of time to take in all the pistons, gears and mechanical magnificence that make it run.


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