Story of Send on Google Green

The most common communication medium though the internet is an email. I’m willing to say there’s not a single person who connects to the internet at least once a week that doesn’t have an email account. That is one of the earliest and most rigid forms of online communication up to date. It’s very wide spread, accessible and everyone uses it so it’s almost the most practical. There’re a lot of providers who will gladly take care of your emailing needs and grant you constant access if you wish so. If I were to list them all, I’d be here for quite a long while I say. But one of the most common ones is Google’s Gmail that provides you with all you need and a whole lot more.
When we use their services, we don’t really think about how they get handled and what it takes to get your email to the person you’re sending it to. We don’t have to as that’s other people’s job. However, they did decide to present us a nice short video animation explaining in simple terms, how an email travels.


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