Story of the cat named Henri – Paw de Deux

Life must be difficult though the eyes of our beloved feline companions. Just try to imagine how hard must be living day by day, being so small, close to the floor all the time and not being able to speak to those who would need to hear what you have to say. It’s also hard to imagine how getting food from others every day must be like, without doing anything at all, except sleeping most of the day and occasionally chasing a little mouse here and there. There are also hands that are willing to massage you whenever you get close enough. If they don’t, you can also make them stroke, massage and pet you by jumping in their laps or tangle under their feet. Oh yeah, you’re pretty nimble if you’re a cat, unless you’re one of those fatty kitties, those aren’t all that nimble no more. All and all, being a cat probably isn’t all that bad, except for the few minor things explained in the following video.

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