Stuntman’s parachute-free skydive

It’s been a while since I posted something jumping/flying related. We can all agree that even though they say not that many people get injured in practicing skydiving and such sports, that’s probably due to the fact that not that many people do it. I mean, I’m pretty sure there are safer things you can do than jump out of a flying helicopter and fall down to the ground with fasts speeds. Then again, if something goes wrong in the process, you don’t really get injured, you just smash against the ground and you’re done for.  That can happen if your parachute decides not to work when you’d like it to and your reserve does the same. I don’t really know what else is there to do in that case than just, well wait. Not so fun…
So what if you decide to jump out of a helicopter without a parachute. On purpose. And decide to land on some boxes as it seems, falling at 80 mph. People have no limit.

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