Sunday movie suggestion – Girl with a dragon tattoo

It’s Sunday afternoon, after lunch and you have about three hours worth of time to kill? Perhaps you’d like to watch a movie with some friends? In that case may I suggest the one I’ve recently seen and satisfies all those requirements stated just now. It’s a movie called Girl with a dragon tattoo staring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara. In this movie, they’re both good at what they do, which is find details everyone else have missed but to crack open the disappearance case at hand, they have to work together in order to help each other in more than one way.

Granted the movie is pretty lengthy and might not exactly be for the faintest of hearts as it does have some semi-explicit bits in it, but they’re not there just for the sake of being there (some more than other) as they make the atmosphere more powerful. If you’re not sure whether to see it or not, I suggest giving it a try and see if it pulls you in at the very start, but in my opinion it gets even better in the second half.


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